Driving on a Sponge

Stephen Burke and Ronan Dillon are two contemporary visual artists, born and bred in Dublin. In recent years, Ronan moved to work and surf on the west coast of Ireland, while Stephen completed his studies for a Painting Masters in Glasgow. Their respective relocations from Dublin city have informed their individual art practices and given their work a strong sense of place. With their upcoming two-man show at Atelier Now, titled ‘Driving on a Sponge’, the artists will explore themes of freedom, human and animal vandalism, and speed. Unbeknownst to each other, the artists had been creating work inspired by uninhibited mark making - capturing specific narratives of the city and countryside with each piece. And as a result, distinct parallels have emerged between both of their practices, despite differing concepts and aesthetic elements. The artists’ playful use of materials document the ever-changing environments that inspire them. And with this unique collaboration, 'Driving on a Sponge' aims to give viewers a new creative lens to view and experience public spaces.' Music by Arthur Itis Track: I Imagine my Brain Imagining Itself Imagining Itself.. and so on Album: Neglected Ambient Shirts Vol 1 https://arthur-itis.bandcamp.com